Prague Vintage Retro Trabant Tours


The legendary Communist Trabant 601 is the best time machine for your unique sightseeing experience!

The first factory was in Zwickau, and the first prototype was called the PHO 500. This car was a serious success for that time, and soon after it was followed by the type 600! The best-known version is the 601 series, which included the Trabant combi and the Trabant tunor (limousine).

A remarkable 3.5 million of these were produced because the Trabant was easy to maintain, and because you could travel a long distance if you carried enough spare parts, it soon became very popular. It was also renowned for its noise and pollution. If you wanted one of these cars in the late 70’s or early 80’s you either needed good connections or you’d have to join a waiting list of up to a year.


1h 30mins Tour & Ride in Trabant 601

4 Hours Trabant Tour

3 Hours Trabant Tour

2h 15mins Trabant Tour – ANTHROPOID