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Communism Tour:Walk through the 20th century...

All just in one century

Austro - Hungarian Monarchy led by the Habsburg dynasty, Czechoslovakia, Hitler and his Nazi occupation, Lenin and Stalin, Russian invasion, Velvet Revolution and separation of Czechoslovakia...all in just one century!

The most complicated century of human era is probably the 20th century, great evolution, dictators, government, communism and capitalism...

Life behind the Iron Curtrain

Our walk through the 20th century/Communism tour of Prague will introduce you to how life used to be in Communistic satellite countries behind the "Iron Curtain", and how Communism affected the life, thinking, architecture and general development of the country. Your guide will show you what was bombed at the end of II. World War, explain what happened with the former Czechoslovak Republic, what was the Velvet Revolution and why it all started exactly on 17th November 1989. You will be taken through the tracks of those days' democrats who fought for freedom. Another interesting and hidden part is discovering the way how young democrats protested by creating the John Lennon Wall in Prague + Memorial of Communism.

The Trabant car

What is a Trabant Car? This is a question that comes from visitors who are from the "Western part of Europe"...well, Trabant or Trabi is the best thing invented during the communist era ;)! Trabant is a 2 stroke plastic car with big history in Prague, despite it was invented in Eastern Germany, even the name Trabant has a meaning and reason!

Have you ever seen a statue of a car walking on legs? - in hidden part of Lesser Town is a secret track to this statue... During the summer of 1989, just a few months before the end of the Berlin Wall and the Velvet Revolution, Prague was completely stocked by Trabants... We will walk on the tracks of the Velvet Revolution and the Memorial of Communism...

Tour information:

  • Duration: up to 4 hours
  • Duration up to 4 hours, recommended time to start is 2pm
  • Includes: transportation tickets (groups 1 - 3 people FREE transportation in Trabant car)
  • Statue of Trabant on Legs - even locals don't know about this one ;)!
  • Visit of 3 historical districts: New Town, Little Quarter and Prague Castle Town

Hourly rate according to group size

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