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Testimonials from the Year 2008

I requested a Slovak speaking guide for this first trip to Praha. It was a lot of fun talking in my native tongue with you as well as, for my wife's sake, in English.

You definitely know the City and the little known features you pointed out made the walking tour very informative and enjoyable. The dinner and pub tour was extraordinary. Not only did we have beer and goulash in the brewery of a monastery but drinks in a tavern with skulls in the ceiling and fire dancers outside.

My wife and I thank you for the ride in the Trabant, a once in a lifetime experience and I do mean once. Great time. See you in Krakow.

Frank J. Lanak
October 2nd, 2008

Martina, thanks so much!
I keep meaning to leave a great review on your site cause we had a BLAST! You were tons of fun! The highlight of our trip!
I LOVE the pictures, we have a few that I'll send to you in case you can use them!

Take care and hope to see you soon! Next time I'm in Prague you are getting the first call!

Take care, All the best! Moe
5th October 2008

Packages booked:
  • Trabant Rally
  • Driving skills practize
  • Trabi History Exam

Martina, thanks a lot for all you arranged for us in Krakow.
I am sure your prompt answers, quality services for good value of money must be appreciated by every customer! Apartments were very good and paintballing on saturday was great fun. I will look up for you on Bravo Channel and also keep your contact for future travel!

Cheers Darren Parr
18th to 21st September, 2009

Packages booked:
  • Stag do Krakow
  • accommodation in apartments
  • return airport transfers

Thanks for the tour Martina, It was great seeing you in Prague! Hopefully you got together with a few of my colleagues. I handed out your cards and think that they were trying to schedule time with you. I will look you up again when I'm in Prague next year.

17th of October 2008

Salvador is too cute! Back home now, thanks again.

Leslie Boise, U.S.A.
14th August 2008

Packages booked:
  • Prague Architecture
  • Transportation in Trabant

My wife and I recently signed up for the Paranormal Pub Crawl along with 2 of our friends. Martina was our guide and we had a great time! She took us to several "haunted" pubs and told us in great detail what ghosts are said to haunt them. While walking between locations Martina was also a wealth of knowledge about the history of Prague itself. I would absolutely recommend this tour!

13th August 2008

Hi Martina,
On July 8,2008, my "travel buddy" Vicki and I were in Prague, and due to recommendations from some of our Ca.friends, that had done a tour with Martina last Oct., we went on a "customized" tour.....combination, Pub Crawl, Ghost Trail, sightseeing tour with her.

We had such a FANTASTIC time, and saw things we would have never found on our own, or with a "conventional" local guide. We got a fun ride in her "Trabant", we walked, we took public transportation, and the Funicular. We visited local bars, Reon's Gallery, the Charles Bridge, and LOTS OF WONDERFUL sites in between.....had a GREAT TIME!

Anyone that gets to Prague, I highly recommend you contact Martina, for a wonderful experience, you will never forget!

Nancy Oliver
Anaheim, California, U.S.A.
8th July 2008

Hi Martina,
We all had a great time with you on our tour of Prague, Communism tour... thank you! We really enjoyed the things that you showed us that we would have not found on our own.
Here is your picture as promised.
We hope that you are still enjoying your car.

Best regards,
Ron Siena

Packages booked:

Hello Martina! We attended one of your guided walks a few weeks ago and I promised to send you a picture from the pub - here it is :-) We had a great time and hope to return to Prague soon! Thank you again for a very nice and interesting walk!

All the best,
Jennie Andersson and Tobias Rudvall
6th of June 2008

Packages booked:

Hi Martina, just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for being such a wonderful tour guide. Seriously, I find the experience with you so vastly different from other tour guides I had in prior trips elsewhere. I have to nail it down to your energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of Prague. The run-of-the-mill tour guides could never match your uncanny ability to get me interested in the history, culture and most importantly, the tale and stories about Prague.

I think I feel a certain attachment to Prague, thanks to you. Keep up your energy.

Sim and Lee Singapore (Holland)
1st of June 2008

Packages Booked:


I was lucky enough to meet Martina when she was the tour guide during an international congress I attended in September 2007. I only spent an afternoon in her company, but during that short time it was apparent that her knowledge and passion of and for Prague and her country is enormous.

I went back to Prague in March 2008 and made sure that I booked Martina to spend time with my friend and I during my stay in this wonderful city. At my request she customised a day tour which took us throughout the city highlighting those particular areas in which we were interested. We then spent another afternoon and night with her where she, again, customised a tour of other areas of interest in the city.

What impressed me most about Martina is that she doesn't just recite words from tourist guides or books. She has sufficient knowledge about the city that she is able to chat informally as she guides you through the city and yet give you such a depth of information, both historic and anecdotal. This is not a rehearsed tour - this is a tour which is filled with worthwhile information and she is quick to determine your exact interests and makes sure that she satisfies this as well.

Her maturity and insight is also a wonder. I would recommend Martina to anyone who visits Praha!! Your trip will simply not be worthwhile unless you view this wonderful city with this very knowledgeable and professional tour guide!

Coral-Lynn Campbell (South Africa)
March 2008

Packages Booked:

Martina is not a very good tour guide for:

  • Bus loads of seniors citizen that can not walk more than several city blocks
  • If rigid schedules are to your liking
  • You don't like surprises
  • Your shoes are uncomfortable
But, I would stongly recommend Martina:
  • If you want to have fun
  • If you want an experience that you will remember for a very long time
  • If you can hoof it for several miles
  • If you like flexibility
  • I'm still smiling and I have been back to the States for several weeks
  • If you like unique personalities
  • If you want a bit of communist history, try a ride around the block in a Trabant (bring spare parts)!

Satisfied from Ohio,
Prague, May 2008

ciao Martina, Krakow was good really!!!!!.... anyway far behind comparison with your personal guide:)))).... Thank you for arranging the pub crawl and trabant tour in Krakow, I let you know when I'm back in Prague!

9th of April 2008

Packages Booked

Martina we had a fabulous time with you. The pub crawl was so much fun, we never would have found all those great clubs and bars to go to and you were so easy to get along with and so so helpful with all your ideas for our big group! And then the ghost tour was fantastic you showed us the parts of Prague that we hadn't yet experienced and managed to keep a group of 13 eighteen year olds riveted with all your stories- very impressive. Your charisma and crazy sense of fun made it all the more worthwhile and we are so grateful to you. Very jealous of your car it's very cool! Anyway most of us will be in Prague again in July/August for a couple of days while we tour Europe so I'll let you know and perhaps we can catch up.

Thanks again,
Rose xx
27th of March 2008

Packages Booked:

Hi Martina,
It's Jason from Australia. I joined your tour you ran a few weeks ago. I would like to congratulate you on the tour and your knowledge. I'd also like to thank you for showing us some of the Prague night life! I hope that you had a good trip to Slovakia.

Jason, January 2008

Packages Booked:

Ahoy Martina! I wanted to say THANK YOU for such a great time. Everyone loved you and had tons of fun! I'll be passing your info onto the person who organizes the trip too!

Jessica Taylor
10th and 11th of January 2008

Packages Booked:

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