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Testimonials from the Year 2010

Hello Martina:
Thank you again for taking us around town last weekend! Our tours with you were the highlight of our trip and we very much enjoyed your unique perspective on everything. It was the most fun we've ever had on a tour! As promised, here are some of the pictures we took with you.

Thank you,
Mark and Barb

I had a little bit too much... oh-oh-oooo... Martina G, with you nothing was too much, nothing were too less, everything was exactly like we wanted! Accomodation you helped to arrange for us, Trabant tour with you, dinner at monastic brewery and private bar tour, we enjoyed every minute! Your favourite mega-stars Lady Gaga & Beyonce should meet you for the private sightseeing tours as good time with you is guaranteed!

Jorgen & Lena Skogen
Prague - Norway, April 2010

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Thanks again for the awesome tour!! I really enjoyed it! Just the right mixture of fun, knowledge and spookyness *gg*. A clear HAVE TO GO THERE for everyone who hasn't done it by now! :)

Gernot Baumgartner
April 2010

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We did several different tours before we found Witch tour leaflets in our hotel, we were pleased to find out it's so cheap and good. No need to follow guide in 50 people crowd, or paid 60 euros to private guide, Witch tour it's comfortable tour in small groups, so you'll hear everything what guide is saying, and if didn't understand something guide will explain you. We even took more leaflets to give to our friends who are going visit Prague. Highly recommended.

Nadia & Vladimir
Moscow, December 2009

Hi Martina! My husband and I were in Central Europe, including Prague, earlier this month. We visited a number of cities (Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest...) and had a number of guides. Our tour of Prague was among - and maybe - the best. Ondra, our guide, not only gave fascinating information about life in Prague, but also gave us a glimpse of life in Czech Republic today, as seen through his eyes. We loved Prague and we loved this tour - both were highlights of our trip. Tank you one more time, and best regards.

Susane & Will Greenberg
14-15th February 2010

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