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Join us for a ride in a vintage Trabant 601 through the city of Prague and its surroundings, and see the places where the regular tours never take you. Our cars are icons of the Eastern Block, made from fibre glass and with magnificent two stroke engines that you simply have to experience in order to understand life during the Soviet Era.

The final ever Trabant was produced in 1991, and therefore it is very rare to spot any on the streets or roads nowadays. The two stroke engine leaves a light blue cloud of smog behind, which will certainly stop the other visitors taking pictures of monuments, but they will be taking pictures of the Trabi instead, so you can feel like a slightly embarrassed celebrity. And of course we will also give you the best service you will ever have on a tour.

Prague Airport Transfers in Vintage Retro Trabant 601

We are happy to organise exclusive airport transfers for you, and our tailored packages ensure you will have a pleasant surprise on your arrival and a fun ride to your final Prague address.

Price per one way airport transfer in Trabant 601/maximum 3 people per car = 1000 CZK/39 EUR

TOP TOUR OPTIONS: 120 mins Prague Tour in Trabant 601
Take a fast paced ride through the town with a stop at the view point at the legendary Prague Castle to take pictures...
150 mins Trabant Tour with Museum Visit and Holy Beer
Lets drive to Museum of Trabant Cars to get a more in depth view of the history of these wonderful cars. the museum is situated in Prague 5...
180 mins Trabant Prague Sightseeing Tour
This is an exclusive sightseeing tour of Prague which offers you a chance to not only visit the hidden parts of Prague, but also to experience driving the Trabant 601 by...
240 mins Trabant Prague Sightseeing Tour
Enjoy an extended sightseeing trip in a Vintage Trabant Car to Vysehrad Castle and some of the more off the beaten track areas in Prague...
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