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Vintage Trabant Tour!

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Experience a ride you’ll never forget and a fun sightseeing adventure in our carefully restored Trabant cars.


Trabants are legendary Communist vehicles made of fibre glass and boasting a classic 2-stroke enginee. The name Trabant means a Tour Guide or Peoples Guide peoples Car, as nobody else drives them. The first factory was in Zwikau, and the first prototype was called the PHO 500. This car was a serious success for that time, and soon after it was followed by the type 600! The best known version is the 601 series, which included the Trabant combi and the Trabant tunor (limousine). A remarkable 3.5 million of these were produced Because the Trabant was easy to maintain, and because you could travel a long distance if you carried enough spare parts, it soon became very popular. It was also renowned for its noise and polution. If you wanted on of these cars in the late 70’s or early 80’s you either needed good connections or you’d have to join a waiting list of up to a year. The final version of te Trabant was the 4-stroke engine, and the last one was produced in 1991. There was also a small factory in Hungary, and there were plenty of specialist Trabant Service stations all over the Eastern Block.

The main reason people lost interest in the Trabant was because they learned about all kinds of different cars on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Trabant therefore became a symbol of the Communist era, and while people were trying to move on and embrace freedom Trabants were no longer popular. However, as the years went by some of the older cars started to become unique and fashionable and some enthusiasts started to join Trabant Clubs. Trabant Parades were organised, and for a while it looked like there might even be a Trabant NT (New Thinking) revival. An electric Trabbi was expected to reach the market in 2012, and the first prototypes of this were produced in 2007, but due to a lack of finances it never happened.

All drivers/guides are fully licensed, every Trabant car is insured as well as registered as an official taxi vehicle at the City Hall of Prague 1 and prices include 21% Czech VAT!

TOUR OPTIONS: 120 mins Prague Tour in Trabant 601
Take a fast paced ride through the town with a stop at the view point at the legendary Prague Castle to take pictures...
150 mins Trabant Tour with Museum Visit and Holy Beer
Lets drive to Museum of Trabant Cars to get a more in depth view of the history of these wonderful cars. the museum is situated in Prague 5...
180 mins Trabant Prague Sightseeing Tour
This is an exclusive sightseeing tour of Prague which offers you a chance to not only visit the hidden parts of Prague, but also to experience driving the Trabant 601 by...
240 mins Trabant Prague Sightseeing Tour
Enjoy an extended sightseeing trip in a Vintage Trabant Car to Vysehrad Castle and some of the more off the beaten track areas in Prague...
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