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Franz Kafka Walk

Franz Kafka is one of the outstanding Prague locals. Life and work of this world-famous Jewish writer was closely connected to Prague at the turn of the 19th century. This walk will introduce you to why Kafka was Prague and Prague was Kafka, where he lived, how he felt about the world and time he lived in and what inspired him! We will visit the house where he was born and also the Museum of Franz Kafka on Lesser Town...

Tour information:

  • Duration: up to 3 hours
  • Duration up to 4 hours, recommended time to start is 2pm
  • Meeting point at the Horse Statue on Wenceslas Square - upon request
  • Topography of Kafka - houses he used to live and work
  • Drink in the bar where Franz Kafka used to go with Albrecht Einstein...
  • Includes: transportation tickets (groups 1 - 3 people FREE transportation in Trabant car) to the Little Quarter
  • Museum of Franz Kafka - excluded
  • Visit of Golden Lane - free entrance from 6pm - Kafka´s office

Admission to the Museum of Franz Kafka:

  • adults: 120 CZK (6 €)
  • students: 60 CZK (3 €)

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