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Prague Ghost Town Tour

PRAGUE - PRAG - PRAHA...fairy tale city wrapped in the legend

Are you interested in mysticism, secret alleys, winding narrow streets, great adventure and get away from the beaten track? If you want to discover and understand Prague Magic, this tour is your best sightseeing solution; arranged only for YOU!

An exclusive tour

Prague is a city shrouded in legend. The mysterious Prague Ghost Town tour is an EXCLUSIVE evening walking excursion with a funicular ride up to the Mystic Argondia Cave - Mr Reon's Gallery located below the mini 'Eiffel' Tower on Petrin hill. Together we'll discover who GOLEM was, where the name PRAHA comes from, and the little known facts of the famous Astronomical clock.

We'll also show you the correct place to make a wish on the Charles Bridge, and reveal the secrets of the alchemistic BECHEROVKA liquid - nowadays traditional Czech liquor - which is the welcoming shot to the tour of ghosts and spirits. All this and much more!...


Your guide will be a real Prague witch (white witch) who will teach you how to read and understand the signs on houses dating from the Middle Ages; beware however - you will be entertained and hunted at the same time! The tour will end at a local Witch Bar and your personal tour guide will buy you a drink of your choice (Beer, wine - red/white, soft) and you can have an interesting conversation about life in Prague.

Cubist architecture can be admired in the Old Town, Lesser Town, New Town and around Vysehrad Castle.

What magic did we include to the Ghost tour?

  • Shot of alchemistic Becherovka liquor
  • Entrance to unique REON GALLERY
  • Drink in the gallery (wine or orange juice)
  • Tickets to funicular and tram, maps
  • Finishing drink at the Witch Bar
  • Enthusiastic and licensed Witch Guide of Prague
  • The tour takes up to 4 hours
  • available for a group of 6 people
  • Price: 900 CZK per person (36 EUR)

Tour information:

  • The tour takes up to 4 hours
  • available for a group of 6 people
  • Price: 900 CZK per person (36 EUR)

Are you a group of less than 6 people? Email us - we will tailor this offer to your group!

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