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Krakow Communism tour

Sightseeing in a Trabant car!

We provide alternative and enthusiastic tourism services, enjoyable for everyone who would like to learn more about communism, former Krakowian ghosts and drive through the city in an old TRABANT from Eastern Germany, and who would like to be entertained by the best and the craziest tour guides in Poland!

The tour is 100% exclusively provided in Trabants from Eastern Germany and includes tasting of Polish Vodka with "real communistic co-workers"!

Nowa Huta: model communist city

You will be taken to Nowa Huta - suburb of Krakow built during the socialistic order - originally gifted to Krakow by Stalin himself. These labyrinths of tenements were done in imitation of the renaissance and meant to be a model communist city. It later came to be one of the centers of revolution and resistance within Poland, leading to the eventual overthrow of the communist government.

During this tour, our guides will lead you through this one-of-a-kind city and up to the gates of the steel mill that was originally the heart of this district.

Our Krakow Communism Tour includes

  • visit of communist apartment
  • trabant driving lecture
  • polish vodka tasting
  • lunch or dinner at the communist restaurant

Duration: up to 4 hours
Price: 169 PLN per person (approx.47 EUR, 33 GBP)

Classic Commie tour

This tour option includes:

  • pick up and drop off in Trabant car
  • tour of Nowa Huta

Duration: up to 2,5 hours
Price: 119 PLN per person (approx.33 EUR, 23 GBP)

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