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Welcome to Bratislava

In the centre of Europe, Bratislava lies at the southwestern edge of Slovakia, a few minutes drive from the Austrian and Hungarian borders.

This small capital with only half a million inhabitants has many interesting sites and "the weirdest statues in the world" - but Bratislavians and tourists love them.

Bratislava: City of culture in the heart of Europe

One thing you can't miss while in Bratislava is the Slovak Beer - as good as Czech Beer, famous borovicka - pine needle alcohol, and "eastern European pasta" - halusky - small dumplings made of potato dough with sheep cheese topped with sliced bacon.

In recent years Bratislava's inboard tourism industry has increased not only with STAG and HEN groups, but also many other visitors from all around the world have begun to come and discover the beauty of the country which is the HEART OF EUROPE, despite the fact that it seems like a small dot on the map of Europe.

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